Miriam Lechner's Home Page

Azucena Amelia Sanchez's Home Page

Linux stuff for HP Jornada 680 / 690 and HP Palmtop 620lx / 660lx

Rafael Ignacio Zurita's Home Page

Jlime Winter GUI for 6xx machines

Jlime Winter is a "proof of concept" of a new GUI for JLime Vargtass userland (680/690/620lx/660lx machines).

How to install Linux on HP Palmtop 620lx / 660lx

Jlime distro for HP Palmtop 620lx / 660lx machines. Stable.

Linball game stuff

Linball is an open source pinball simulation.

Delorean file system

D-lorean is a time travel Linux FUSE file system

Libro "GuĆ­a de AdministraciĆ³n de Sistemas GNU/Linux"

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