by Rafael Ignacio Zurita. 2007 - 2008

Jlime Winter is a "proof of concept" of a new GUI for JLime Vargtass userland (680/690/620lx/660lx machines).
It replaces the current Jlime WMs (icewm and dwm) to try to reach specific features.

This work is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

Screenshot (Fig. 1.)


This new "proof of concept" GUI for Hp Palmtop/Jornada can help to show us how well different GUI ideas work.
The main goals (and current ones) are:


for HP Jornada 680 / 680e / 690 machines :

Vargtass Userland + New GUI for 680, 680e and 690 variants - vargtass-image-5.0-pre2-NEWGUI6.tar.bz2

You can use this 2.6.25 zImage kernel and this shlo.txt file.

Information on how to install Jlime can be found in our official Manual Installation Guide (Partioned Method)

for HP Palmtop 620lx / 660lx machines :

Vargtass Userland + New GUI for 620lx and 660lx variants - vargtass-image-5.0-pre2-NEWGUI6_620lx_660lx.tar.bz2

You need to use this 2.6.24 zImage kernel , this shlo.txt , and this shloCE200.exe bootloader .

If you don't know how to install JLime on your HP Palmtop 620lx / 660lx you would like to read this "Howto Install" (for 620lx/660lx users)

How to use

You can use the main menu (Fig. 1.) to run applications using the touchscreen or keyboard shortcuts:

Keyboard shortcut Description
ATL+d switch to the Desktop (and main menu)
ALT+TAB go to next window
CTRL+e run tErminal (rxvt)
CTRL+t run Text editor (gtkedit)
CTRL+m run Mailer (sylpheed)
CTRL+w run Web browser (dillo)
ATL+c run Chat client (bitlbee+xchat+scripts for different protocols : msn, gtalk, jabber, etc).
CTRL+f run File manager (xfe)
CTRL+a run cAlendar (calcurse)
CTRL+o run Other apps menu
CTRL+p run media Player (specific for Jlime)
CTRL+k close/delete the current window
CTRL+ALT+k run window killer menu
CTRL+i run wIndow chooser menu

Keep this keyboard shortcuts list on hand :).

Maybe the most useful keyboard shorcuts are ALT+TAB, CTRL+o (fast apps menu), CTRL+k (close current window), ALT+d (go to main menu / show system information: date, power and networking status).

Extra users' themes

Below there are themes contributed by users. So if you want to change the default theme download the one you like and replace the /opt/jlime/winter3.png file.

Sera88's themes (click to enlarge/download) :

Sera88 theme Sera88 theme pink Sera88 theme green Sera88 theme red Symbiossi winter3_2 theme

Sera88's - sixpack75's theme (click to enlarge/download) :

Sera88 - sixpack75 theme


The core of this new GUI for Jornadas is jlime-winter.c. It is an X11 based main menu with sound on touchscreen which uses ratpoison and ratmenu on Xfbdev as WM and application launcher. The userland has custom applications fullscreen configured, and a new chat and simple player environment.

It works on Blizzard's userland vargtass 5.0 so if you need help about a specific application you can run the "web browser" and read the nice documentation from the home page.

Note for developers : all the new stuff is under /opt/jlime/ so if you are curious or you want to help to improve the work done, please go there to start.

Known bugs

I have not had time the last days to continue improving jlime-winter so below are the known bugs:


We need to add/develop a jlime configuration tool to set different configuration options :

About this page

This page is maintained by Rafael Ignacio Zurita

If you find a bug in this new GUI, please feel free to write me to report on it. By the way, we (Jlime team) always need new developers too, so if you need futher information you can go Jlime about web page